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GF County Saves on Fuel Assistance Due to Mild Winter

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GRAND FORKS (WDAZ-TV) - Our mild winter has meant less money spent on fuel assistance for many counties. Grand Forks County has spent $11,000 less this year than last.

As a whole, North Dakota counties have spent $650,000 less than last year.

Any money not spent on heating assistance can be used on other programs such as summer cooling programs, furnace repairs and chimney cleanings.

In addition to the current ones, since 2003, 444 Grand Forks county families have signed up for fuel assistance.

"A lot of the people in rural areas are moving to more populated areas. So the population in Grand Forks county alone is increasing. And that could make up the difference for the additional households that you are seeing, and the awareness of the program," Luellen Hart with Grand Forks Social Services said.

Hart says since the majority of people on heating assistance in Grand Forks county use with natural gas, heating costs have remained much the same over the last five years.