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N.D. driver’s license gets new look, security features

BISMARCK – North Dakota is giving its driver’s license a new look and beefing up security features to prevent counterfeiting.


The Department of Transportation began issuing the redesigned license this week in Bismarck as part of the regular renewal process. Other driver’s license sites throughout the state will start issuing them later this spring and summer.

The state last updated its driver’s license about 10 years ago, DOT spokeswoman Jamie Olson said.

This latest redesign wasn’t prompted by a surge in fake IDs, she said.

“I think it was just kind of time. There was new technology available,” she said.

In addition to a new background color, the redesigned license contains updated fraud security features such as improved printing, image overlap and enhanced laminate, according to a DOT news release. Like its predecessor, the license also is machine-readable.

Within the last year, North Dakota exceeded 500,000 registered drivers for the first time in state history, Olson said. That includes commercial and non-commercial driver’s licenses and permits.

The redesign affects all types of driver’s licenses, including minor driver’s licenses, permits and ID cards.

Drivers don’t need to renew their current licenses until their expiration date, and the driver’s license renewal fee will remain the same at $15, the DOT said.