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Golf ball size hail damages crops, trees and vehicles in Kittson County

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Baseball size hail pummeled portions of our region - damaging trees and crops.

Severe thunderstorms rolled through the Northern valley this weekend dropping several inches of rainfall and, in some areas, hail was the big issue.

There were several storms that hit north east north dakota and northwest minnesota. Bringing with them rain strong winds in some cases hail and even funnel clouds.

There were many reports of golf ball size hail in Kittson County, Minnesota.

Meanwhile in North Dakota there were tornado warnings but the major damage was done near large hail stones.

81 mile per hour wind gusts along with baseball size hail and even larger in the langdon area. Damaging vehicles, buildings and crops.

Damage the result of ideal weather conditions to form large hail.

Greg Gust with the National Weather Serivice said, "Big deep clouds. You had air that was rising, cooling condensing. You had the formation of hail stones and then you had that hail stone that is moving up and down through layers and it just continues to get wet and then refreeze and grow and grow and grow."

And at 10 you'll hear from farmers we spoke with Monday who say - in the span of 5 minutes it appears they could have lost 50 percent of their summer crop.