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North Dakota crops report to be in good to excellent condition

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Despite a wet spring and several severe thunderstorms so far this summer, most major crops in North Dakota are reporting to be in decent shape.

Good news from North Dakota Ag department representatives, who say most crops appear to be in good to excellent condition.

Most farmers WDAZ spoe to today, were busy out in their fields. Trying to take advantage of this recent string of warm weather we've had. A nice change to the cold and wet conditions which caused delays during the planting season. Despite the slow start to the farm season.

The Agricultural department reports that 83 percent of the state's spring wheat is rated good to excellent, durum in at 87 percent and corn and soybeans are being reported at 80 percent, great reports for crops that are now benefitting from warmer weather. Fields filled with farmers working to keep this summer's crop healthy.

NDSU Extension Agent Michael Knudson said, "with the nice fourth of July weekend we had. I'd say farmers are catching up. With the nice weather they've been out spraying pesticides and the crops have bounced back quite a bit from the wet conditions we had."

Knudson also says that as a reseult of the wet spring, the harvest season looks to be londer this year, with many farmers reporting variable planting dates.