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North Dakota selected to participate in new pilot program that offers more comprehensive crop insurance

Crop insurance could be changing for farmers.

North Dakota has been selected to participate in a new pilot program that offers more comprehensive crop insurance.

Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring says Whole-Farm Revenue Protection or WFRP is a crop insuarnce program that gives farmers more flexibility.

The program allows farmers to insure the value of crops and livestock on their farms, rather than insuring each commodity.

Goehring said the program offers improved coverage and a premium discount for farmers with greater crop diversification.

Doug Goehring / ND Ag Commissioner said,  "The more diverse you are the lower your premiums will be the better type of insurance you will be able to afford. It works beauifully for a livestock operation and a grain operation. The more diversified the more innovative you are, the more crops you have it's just going to continue to lower the premium and continue to offer you coverage along those lines."

Goehring said the Risk Management Agency will notify producers later this fall to contact their crop insurance providers for more information on WFRP coverage.