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B-25 Bomber Towed to Fargo 8 Years After Being Donated

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-Quite a sight for anyone driving on I-29 between Fargo and Wahpeton today.

A 1943 B-25 World War II era bomber was towed to the Fargo Air Museum eight years after being donated.


Kathy Dimmer/Wahpeton: "Just seeing a plane coming down an interstate is a pretty awesome thing."

Kathy Dimmer of Wahpeton watched the pieces of the almost 70 year old aircraft slowly move down I-29.

Dimmer: "I thought it would be really fun to get a picture of it coming through the bridge."

It's a journey that's been a long time coming.

The late Gerry Beck bought the plane in Texas and fixed it up just enough to fly it to Wahpeton in 1984.

Then in 2006 he donated it to the Fargo Air Museum, just a year before he died in a tragic plane crash during a Wisconsin air show.

Cindy Beck/Wahpeton: "It's a mission almost completed."

His wife, Cindy Beck, was part of the procession.

She says the journey has a lot of meaning.

Beck: "I wish Beck was here to witness this with everyone here, he would be extremely happy to see it here, he always looked at this as an educational tool to honor our veterans."

The reason it's taken so long for the plane to make it to Fargo is because the museum simply didn't have the room, now, with the addition of the Beck/Odegaard Wing, still being built, it's finally able to make it to where it belongs.

Scott Fletcher/Fargo Air Museum: "It means a lot to us, we have quite a few pieces that are from the Beck family that they donated, and this is just another large one that they have, and we greatly appreciate it."

The Air Museum's new Beck-Odegaard Wing will be dedicated in a few months.