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Grand Forks' Shea's Nursery and Garden Center donates part of their profits to breast cancer research

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Grand Forks, ND (WDAY/WDAZ TV) - Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness and, of course, many flowers.

This weekend a garden center in Grand Forks is celebrating Pink Day to support breast cancer research.

Cindy Brown attended Shea's Nursery and Garden Center's Pink Day event, an event for independent garden centers in the US and Canada.

Brown, "And I also needed a hydrangea for my yard, so I though what a better time to come down?"

Raising money and awareness for breast cancer research, the garden center is donating a portion of their proceeds for Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangeas and other pink flowers to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Starting in 2009, the owner says the nursery industry donates $1 of every Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea sold.

Tim Shea says he has a personal connection to the cause.

Tim Shea/Owner, Shea's Nursery and Garden Center, "I have relatives that we've lost and have breast cancer, and I just feel that it's something because of the fact that we're connected to a product that the nursery industry has in this plant. It gives us the opportunity to do something for the community."

In support of Pink Day stands a 14-foot-tall bra sculpture. Linda Forseide, creative support for the garden center, says the sculpture was originally painted red, white and blue as a political statement and rusted over time.

Brown says Peter John Larson, a University of North Dakota alumnus, created the sculpture in 1995 and recently donated it for Pink Day.

Forseide, "I've talked to Peter. He loves it. So good, and what's better for breast cancer, than, you know, support for breast cancer than a big bra, you know?" 

Brown, "We just have to keep supporting, keep believing that there's going to be an answer and that people... More and more women will be cured of breast cancer."

With support from customers and community, Shea Nursery and Garden Center hopes to grow the event and raise funds and awareness for the cause.

It's the first year the garden center is celebrating Pink Day. The event goes through Sunday.