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North Dakota woman worries about voter fraud after she receives ballot already filled in

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Fargo, ND (WDAY/WDAZ News) - There has already been ballot confusion on this 2016 Election Day.

A local woman says she got two ballots when she voted, and one was already filled in.

78-year old Elke Brock says when she voted at Riverview, she had two ballots in her folder, and one of them had a presidential candidate filled in, which worried her about the voter fraud she's been hearing about.

Election Judges say the incident was nothing more than a mix-up.

"I don't care if it's Republicans or Democrats, I vote for the person when I got to that ballot box," said Elke Brock, who got an already marked ballot.

Elke Brock exercised her civic duty Tuesday and cast her ballot, but she says something she's never had an issue with before happened.

"To be given one that's already pre marked," said Elke.

She says a second ballot was in her folder with Hillary Clinton's bubble filled in.

With all that she's heard about a rigged election this political season...

"And hearing so much about voter fraud, I never thought it was going to happen in North Dakota," said Elke.

Elke was born in Germany in 1938 during World War II and under Hitler's Dictatorship.

"I chose America," said Elke.

She became a citizen in 1954.

She says she doesn't want to see a dictatorship like her home country, happen here.

"You had no rights when you voted, he was it and that's who you went with, and I don't want that in America," said Elke.

Riverview Election judges say it was nothing more than an innocent mistake,

"We're on the understanding that somebody previously might have mismarked a ballot," said Carol Abrahamson, Election Judge.

They say when Elke came up to them about it, they put it immediately into the spoiled ballot folder.

"We appreciate people checking because we don't want any fraud or anything bad at our election site," said Abrahamson.

Elke said she's wants people to know because she wants to figure out where it went wrong.

"Could it be a mistake? Yes, a mistake could have been made, but it also could have been intentional. That's what I want to stop," said Elke.

Elke says she has contacted the U.S. Justice Department about the situation; they called her back saying they will investigate it.

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