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Students place cardboard tombstones around UND campus to protest budget cuts

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) - Students at UND are reading their last rites to some beloved programs, as tombstones pop up on the campus lawn.

The cardboard tombstones say R.I.P. to everything from women's hockey to school spirit.

About 10 of the signs were posted near the Memorial Union and Hyslop Sports Center Thursday morning.

It's a symbolic protest some students on campus say represents the way they feel.

Cameron Wisti, student: "They want their voices heard and they're not being heard."

Connor, student: "Every student here thinks they're, especially the athletics, they're just cuts that shouldn't have to be made."

A UND spokesman said they understand people will want to protest the budget cuts, but he reminded them they must fill out a form before doing so. Thursday's group did not.