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Ice skating path could be coming to the Greenway Trail

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) - Turning the Greenway into a Freeze way.

One man has a vision for the Greenway Trail, and a way to get people outside and active during the winter months.

The man behind the idea received a 141,000-dollar grant from the Knight Cities Challenge to develop an ice skating path along a section of the Greenway Trail.

Nick Jensen says he hopes to begin with a trial run this winter, that will be about a third-of-a-mile long.

If it's a success, they hope to make the path up to 2 miles long in the future.

We asked some of you if you'd take advantage of the Freeze way and got mixed responses.

To make it a reality, Jensen says he has to work out a plan with the city and park district.

He says he's doing that now.