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Construction isn't wrapping up as fast as we'd hoped

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) - Traffic troubles continue as construction season isn't wrapping up as fast as many had hoped. Some of the delays haven't even begun yet.

For some, lunch break is a headache, especially when you're fighting traffic just to get your food.

There's construction on Demers and Columbia and all the way down to Demers and Washington. It was supposed to end at the end of July but now it's been pushed to the end of September.

The two projects happening on Columbia from 14th Street to 17th street are set to end in the beginning of August, but 40th Street to 47th Street could take until middle of September.

For now, the workers at Burger Time are taking it one day at a time, remaining confident in business, despite the chaos it takes for customers to get there.

Some of our traffic troubles haven't even begun. On Monday, the intersection of 47th Avenue South and Columbia Road will shut down for a month.

Two weeks from today, the Kennedy Bridge will be completely closed for 3 days.  Cars will be rerouted through downtown, so there will be no street parking on Demers.

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