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High hopes for Grand Forks Air Force Base

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)—Prepare for takeoff.

The Grand Forks Air Force Base invited local leaders and national influencers to board the base as they hosted the North Dakota Defense Forum.  

Local leaders are hoping for big things, that's why they hosted the North Dakota Defense Forum, with the goal to showcase the value of the Northern Defense Communities, like the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

Air force Leadership and others invited DC decision-makers, and gave them tours, saying that they hope to show how North Dakota is an asset for future missions.

Tom Ford with Government Relations says he's optimistic.

“To get eyes on the community, and just see how fabulous the infrastructure is at the base, the welcoming nature of the community toward airmen, and to show that North Dakota stands ready to be leveraged for any future missions,” said Ford.

The base says they also hope to enhance community ties to draw even more airmen and women to the base.