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Locals Pick Up Weights as Temperatures Drop

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- Temperatures are dropping and people are picking up weights as local gyms see a rush.

Choice Health and Fitness has signed up one hundred new members in the last couple weeks, they say due to chilly weather.

Group exercise classes and personal training are the focus for some fitness freaks hoping to drop some pounds.

According to one manager, goals aren't just for January anymore.

Julie Kirkeby, Membership Manager, “Over the years it used to always be January, New Year's resolutions and things like that but we have over the past few years since we've been here always seen that uprise in the fall when the weather turned cold.”

Gym managers gave us some tips to make your workout successful.

They say you should choose a gym near your home or work so working out is easier.

Bringing a friend along to your workouts could help you keep each other accountable.

And they recommend trying exercise classes or personal training to add some variety to your program.