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The Original Butt Sketch Artist makes a stop in Moorhead

It takes Krandel about three minutes to draw one portrait.2 / 2

Some Minnesota college students are seeing themselves from a different view: the rear-view. A Dallas-based artist visited Minnesota State Community and Technical College today to draw portraits - and not of students faces.

Krandel Lee Newton - The Original Butt Sketch Artist: "Every individual that stands there, I really want to get them. It's not cookie cutter, I'm not doing the same sketch."

Krandel is known as "The Original Butt Sketch Artist." He fell into butt sketching by accident on a street corner.

Krandel Lee Newton: "And I was trying to make a painting of a parade scene, people from behind, and this guy drove up and he saw this sketch and he insisted on buying it. Well, I did another sketch and another and another and it just became nuts after that."

That was about 24 years ago. Now Krandel travels the world with his easel and charcoal for conventions, private parties and trade shows.

Krandel Lee Newton: "I've done half a million of these. That's a lot of tail."

Krandel has sketched the butts of about 200 celebrities including Alex Trebek, Warren Buffet and even Drew Barrymore.

Krandel Lee Newton: "I pay $15 to go see them in a movie, but for that one moment they're standing in my line wanting what I have and that's cool."

It takes Krandel about three minutes to draw one portrait.

Skylar Wehr - Minnesota State Community and Technical College: "It was odd, like I didn't know what to expect. I was kind of like 'he's looking at my butt.'"

But when they turned around, they liked what they saw.

Kasey Hochhalter - Minnesota State Community and Technical College: "It's amazing what he can do with what seems like scribbles, but is awesome.

Skylar Wehr: "It's absolutely amazing. I love it. It looks like my back."

Krandel Lee Newton: "Hopefully they go home after all the laughter and I've left them with a piece of artwork that they will probably put up. But I still can't tell you for the life of me tell you why someone wants their backside sketched."

Krandel actually met his wife while on the job. She of course fell in line to get her butt sketched.

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