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Wastewater Interconnect Project complete

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)—Water is flowing between the Grand Cities.

The year-long Wastewater Interconnect Project is complete, now sending sewage from East Grand Forks over to Grand Forks for treatment.

The old East Grand Forks sewage lagoons were over 50 years old, and were leaking, polluting the environment.

It would have cost the East side 30 million to build its own system, but the decision to pump it to Grand Forks reduced the cost of the project to 11 million.

“I think it’s essential for us to succeed, because federal money is going down—state money is going down—so we need to look together to, ‘How can we solve our problems together?’” said East Grand Forks Mayor, Michael Brown, and East Grand Forks Mayor, Steve Gander.

The project was first discussed in 1996, but the Flood of 97 pushed back construction until last year.