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Hallock water main repaired after more than 24 hours

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--Crews dug through dirt and ice while one town's water supply was in jeopardy.

It was in Kittson County where crews were searching through four feet of ice--it was a problem that could shut down the water in Hallock Minnesota.

A water main break less than 10 miles outside of Hallock was leaking for more than 24 hours.

"Glad they're out here in the cold doing what they can to fix it,” said Hallock resident, Tyler Bakken.

Draining water supplies -- and sending people into stores.

"Yeah we bought a package of water from Dollar General a bit ago,” said Bakken.

Pressure on the pipes -- and age are what the sheriff thinks may have caused the leak.

Pouring countless gallons of water underground. City leaders are asking more than 400 households in town to stop using water.

"We've been monitoring the levels in our water tower and the water tower is almost empty at this point,” said City Administrator Angela Grafstrom.

Late Monday afternoon, crews found a leak.

"I'm sure they're relieved. I don't think they had lost water yet. Our town usually is okay in hard situations. I knew we had a lot of water in the water tower,” said Bakken.

The city is giving away water for free at the fire hall but it's only until they run out.

Right after this story ran on air, WDAZ received a call from a recording saying the water had been turned back on in Hallock, and that it was safe for residents to use their water once again.