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Street cleaning halted

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- The city of Grand Forks says clearing the streets is taking a long time because drivers keep running into the plows.

Mark Aubol tells us multiple people have run into plows today, which takes that plow driver off the road for two to three hours.

The city had all fifteen plows and four sand trucks out today, but they tell us it could be a week before the streets are clear.

Mark Aubol, Grand Forks Street Superintendent, "We're getting it scraped off but it's probably going to take us another good week to get everything burned off and cut down back to the pavement in most areas. So, we'll work really hard on the four lanes and the secondary streets that lead into the residential stuff. Hopefully we can get them cut down by the end of this week."

Aubol says this storm was tough because drivers packed down the snow before the plows got to it.

He says they'll work on areas that need re-plowing Wednesday.