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Plumbers busy responding to frozen pipes

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--The frigid temperatures have iced over more than just roads--they’ve also gotten to pipes.

The frigid temps have iced over more than just the roads, they've also gotten to pipes.

Plumbers throughout the Valley have been busy responding to house calls of frozen sewer vents and water pipes.

Experts say pipes usually start to freeze up when temperatures drop to ten below.

Frozen pipes can back up your plumbing and stop water from flowing.

Plumbers say insulated pipe sleeves can help prevent the problem, but if already frozen, there is only one solution.

“Take a fitting off outside, run warm water down through it. But make sure the pipes are disconnected at the furnace--and again, I’d recommend having an experienced technician do that,” said Gene Lill, of Vilandre Plumbing.

Experts say it doesn't matter what your pipes are made out of. When it's this cold, any material will freeze.