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Nanjing, China - Nigeria and Sierra Leone have pulled out of the summer youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, because of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.


Concern over the Ebola virus has reached mainland China in Nanjing, host of the 2014 youth Olympic Games.  3,500 young athletes from around the world are here to compete, but not the teams from Sierra Leone and Liberia, two West African countries battling the deadly virus.  The international Olympic committee has confirmed to CNN both teams will not compete here. In fact, they never arrived in Nanjing.  And the Sierra Leone youth Olympic delegation told the associated press they were told by the Chinese embassy not to come to china due concern over Ebola.

Athlete: "I think they should have come. It's a great experience, so I wouldn't uh, I would have come.”

Athlete: "It is very much unfair, because not all the participants are affected with Ebola.”

Athlete: "Man that's depressing. I hope no one’s really got anything too bad. I hope they're alright. That's a real shame, because it's like I said, absolutely fantastic here.”

The international Olympic committee says it is working with the relevant authorities to "find the right approach" under the guidelines of the world health organization.  In a statement, the IOC says this

Quote: "We clearly need to balance the safety of all the participants with the rights of the young athletes from the countries affected. We regret that some will not be able to compete, and we understand they are suffering twice, with the outbreak in their country and then not being able to take part."

With thousands of athletes living in close quarters here in the youth Olympic village, authorities here are not taking any chances.