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Canadian immigration website crashes after Trump victory

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WINNIPEG, MB (WDAZ-TV) - When presidential results started pouring in, some people started looking to live elsewhere.

The Canadian immigration website crashed because so many people were looking to move north.

WDAZ visited the other side of the border Wednesday to see how Canadians are reacting to the possibility of more Americans moving north.

The most common thing we heard from people in Winnipeg about Donald Trump being elected is surprise, with the second thing being concern. It's not a concern about Americans moving to Canada, it's concern about Donald Trump's record and specifically how he treats women and minorities.

It hasn't all been negative. Some people say Donald Trump will provide a boom for the economy, saying he'll build the Keystone Pipeline that will bring much needed dollars to the Canadian economy.

However, a vast majority of people are unsettled with the new president.

Karin Kliewer, Winnipeg resident: “Maybe some steps were taken backwards, as far as how we treat women, how we treat minorities, how we treat different people.”

Kate MacKay, Winnipeg resident: “I think for me I have daughters, and I think when I hear about those comments he's made I want to look closely about that and what it means for them. I certainly would not want anyone talking about them like that.

George Foley, Winnipeg resident: “I think people voted for him because they are just tired of what's been going on and they just want something different, I don't think they thought either candidate was any better than the rest.”

On Wednesday’s News @ 10, WDAZ sits down with an immigration lawyer to talk about the feasibility of people moving to Canada, and if that's something they are expecting here. We’ll also hear about how both countries’ leaders are expecting to get along, and what people's concerns are there.

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