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Heitkamp fires campaign staffer amid ad fallout; some women considering legal action

Canadians taking wait-and-see approach towards Trump presidency

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WINNIPEG, MB (WDAZ-TV) - When Donald Trump won the White House, most of us watching were surprised.

That surprise is not confined to the borders of the United States, and world citizens and leaders took notice.

Trump getting elected has sent shock waves across the world. But, you don't need to go that far to find other people and world leaders who have given our new commander-in-chief a great deal of thought.

Kate MacKay, Winnipeg resident: I think I had higher expectations where people would maybe vote Democrat."

George Foley, Winnipeg resident: “Sometimes a change can be just as scary as no change.”

When Trump winning the White House started becoming a reality, Americans looked north.

MacKay: “We like to make new friends, we're totally down. Come to Winnipeg, guys!”

The Canadian immigration website crashed because of a massive influx of traffic.

But, most Canadians aren't worried about a mass exodus of Americans. Many are concerned about Trump.

Michael Pil, Winnipeg resident: “Donald Trump being just a very big wild card.”

But, the main issue for people is not trade or temperament. It's the tone he's taken on women and minorities.

MacKay: “I have daughters and I think when I hear about some of those comments that he's made I like to think a little bit more closely about that and what it means.”

David Matas: “I think people everywhere have reason to be worried about Trump.”

Matas, an immigration lawyer and human rights activist, has written on the damage of hate speech. He says even though Trump hasn't taken office yet, he's already caused significant damage.

Matas: ‘Rhetoric and hate speech inflame others. When the president of United States starts, is using racist and sexist discourse that emboldens others to use it and add on it.”

Tasked with bringing a divided country together, Trump is getting support from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau congratulated Trump, saying, "We share a purpose, our two countries, where we want to build places where the middle class and those working hard to join it have a chance."

Canadians are hopeful the two world leaders will be able to continue its strong ties.

Foley: “Our relationship hasn't always been smooth, there's been some rocky in there, but at the same point in time we depend upon each other.”

Most people in Winnipeg told WDAZ they are still playing the wait-and-see game to see how President Trump will handle the United States and the rest of the world.

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