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Man swept away in Red River believed safe, Grand Forks police say

Grand Forks Fire Department head to the docks Friday afternoon during a search for a missing man in the Red River. Jesse Trelstad/ Grand Forks Herald

Grand Forks Police haven't found the swimmer who was swept down the Red River during the early hours of July 22, but they say he's safe.

According to a statement released by the police department on Thursday morning, police "received communication" from someone who said he was that swimmer on Wednesday evening. The statement does not note how he contacted the police department—only that he did it anonymously—but said the details the person provided match up with what they know about the night the swimmer disappeared.

The development closes an investigation that kicked off last week, when witnesses near the Red River said they saw a white man with blond hair struggling in the water as he moved upstream. Authorities combed the areas near and between the Sorlie Bridge and Kennedy Bridge, but a days-long search failed to indicate where the man was.

"At this point the Police Department has no indication that anonymous communication is a hoax," the statement reads. "Now that the subject's welfare has been established, this matter is considered resolved."