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Animal Watch: Forgotten victims of Hurricane Harvey

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HOUSTON, TX (WDAZ-TV) -- The horror in Houston continues as more people are having to be rescued from their homes.

At the same time, shelters are full.

In tonight's Animal Watch, the often forgotten victims of Harvey.

All across the flood-ravaged regions of texas, images like these appear.

Residents risking their own lives to save their four legged members of their family from the rising waters.

Rescuer, says, "We're trying to keep the animals safe and get everyone out of here in one piece."

One boat rescuing twenty-one dogs trapped in one neighborhood.

I joined rescuers as they traversed the streets turned rivers.

We came upon two sisters, who wouldn't leave their dogs behind.

How's it feel to get on a boat?


But not all pets are so fortunate.

As the hurricane bore down, a daily mail photographer spotted this dog chained to a pole.

Looking as though he might be swallowed up the rain.

He cut him loose and he ran to safer ground.

Yesterday the photographer returned to the scene and look who he found?

The dog he calls “Lucky”.

His owner still nowhere to be found. This morning, the photographer hopes, he'll be able to adopt Lucky himself.