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Citizens concerned hog farm could hurt city tourism

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DEVILS LAKE, ND (WDAZ)—Hundreds of residents are up in arms in Devils Lake over a proposed hog farm, worrying about its impact on tourism.

Devils Lake's economy is heavily based on tourism, and concerned citizens say nearly one thousand jobs depend on the lake.

These citizens are hoping to see business owners at a special meeting on Wednesday night, October 4th.

Grand Prairie Agriculture’s hog farm could sit on a hill near Pelican Township, and 27 hundred animals could soon be housed there, along with containers meant to hold their waste.

But people who live nearby are worried the waste containers could leak into groundwater and the lake—contaminating the water and chasing away those who fish.  

These concerned citizens say it could have a nearly 90 million dollar impact on the economy—that’s why the Spirit Lake Nation, and a local group—Lake Region Concerned Citizens—are holding a meeting at the casino in Fort Totten to discuss their concerns.

“We have some great speakers that are coming in that can speak on first-hand knowledge of what it's like to live in close proximity to one of these factory facilities. These hog facilities,” said concerned citizen, Jan Engstrom.

Now if you want to go to the meeting, it will take place on Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm at the Spirit Lake Casino.

All parties involved are currently waiting on the Health Department to make a decision on the permit, and it is not yet known when the decision will be announced.