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Impact of winter weather on local businesses

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)—Now that the cold weather has started, it’s the end of booming business for lots of local workers.

WDAZ’s Scott Cook braced the elements and spoke to residents to see how they are preparing for the abrupt end of the warm weather.

Right here in Grand Forks, the folks at Shea's Nursery and Landscaping are took some of their plants inside and covered others up for the winter.

The workers say it’s the earliest they have had to start covering plants in over 5 years.

There are still a couple weeks until the nursery’s Christmas tree orders arrive, so they are expecting the in-between weeks to be a bit stagnant.

The owners said it’s not so much the early snow that causes problems for the plants, but the early cold temperatures.

“Once the ground freezes up we are unable to work. So it really doesn't matter to me—but personally, I hope the snow stays away until at least the first of December—just to have a longer fall,” said Tim Shae, of Shae’s Nursery and Landscaping.

Now we do live in North Dakota and we all know this type of weather isn't uncommon, but we have been spoiled the last few years with a long fall and late start to the winter. John Wheeler can tell you more about the long-term forecast ahead in weather.