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Sickie's Garage opens in East Grand Forks

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EAST GRAND FORKS, MN (WDAZ)--A burger joint moves it's home and adds dozens of new employees.

Sickie's Garage is open in East Grand Forks in the former Whitey's Wonderbar.

The restaurant's location on South Columbia in Grand Forks closed over a week ago.

The move across the river has allowed the restaurant to hire more than 50 new employees.

“The Grand Forks location was just our pit stop, so we offered about 25 burgers and 25 beers. We’re currently offering 50 burgers and 50 plus brews,” said General Manager, Nadia Grosskreutz.

The iconic Wonderbar is still in place.

The downstairs area is currently being used for events -- but managers say could open up to the public in the future.