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UND's strategic planning

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- The University of North Dakota is giving it's campus a makeover based on recommendations from students.

WDAZ's Danielle Saitta tells us why you may see changes when you're trying to drive through campus. 

"Students are going in and out of the buildings all day long, so if anyone is going to know what they want in the campus, it's the students," says Logan McCollough. 

Community and inclusivity are two of the main core values of the University of North Dakota. The president thought that it seemed only fair to include the students to help improve their school.

"It feels good that the president is concerned about how we feel," says Mason Thornton.

"I really like that he wants our input." 

Projects in mind for the next six years are a new business school and new university roads -- but other renovation plans include fixing up a popular student spot, the Memorial Union.

"A lot of people send time in there whether it's eating, hanging out with friends or doing homework it's a very important part," says Mason Thornton. 

"The plan for the Memorial Union requires a student vote which will require building it with student fees would not only renovate the student union but also close in the street between Memorial Union and Mccannel hall behind it so that that street would be a big enclosed atrium," says Mark Kennedy, UND President. 

President Kennedy says a vote could happen within a month.