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School Board members meet to discuss possible school consolidation

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--If you're worried your child's school could soon close -- school board members are giving you the chance to sound off.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase looked into the school’s multimillion dollar plan.

It's a plan Grand Forks school board members say they've been working on for up to a year: turning four current elementary schools into just one.

It's a nearly $58-million dollar project some parents fear could mean a mess for the city.

Winship, Wilder, West, as well as Lewis and Clark could become one school.

Board leaders say they've already heard from countless concerned parents, and they say this is just one of a handful of options on the table.

They say they're open to ideas on how to best maintain school properties.

The board is hosting an informational meeting at South Middle School tonight where project managers from JLG will tell you about the different plans.

They say they haven't made a decision -- and they want parents to be included in the process.

“We wanted some information from the public so that the public can come in, take a look at what we have and then start providing input,” said School Board member, Matt Spivey.

These changes will be in effect for decades.

School board members say they want people at Monday night’s meeting to do surveys giving recommendations for the future of the district.

The meeting starts tonight at 7 pm at South Middle School.