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Concerns over costs as Hyslop Sports Center is set to be repurposed

(GRAND FORKS) WDAZ-TV -- As budget woes have led to cutting both academic programs and sports at UND, a new $15 million dollar addition could be built on campus.

Some say it may be an unnecessary project.

At the University of North Dakota sports is a way of life.

"Athletics is one of the keynotes of this entire campus," hockey player Ryan Liber said. “They could probably go another 10 years. But you know keep everything new."

President Mark Kennedy said changes are necessary.

"If we don't keep up with the modern technology that's needed for these, which is changing quicker than just about any other field, we're going to be left behind," Kennedy said.

As buildings around campus face the wrecking ball, and others get new tenants, the Hyslop Sports Center is next on the list.

President Kennedy wants to switch a portion of the building into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics classrooms.

As for the weight room and possible other sports-facilities, they'll be moved to a portion of the brand new High Performance Center.

"They're not that new and progressively other facilities on campus have been taking over roles previously played by Hyslop. The Betty, the high performance center.” said Kennedy.

It's unclear where the cash will come from but it won't be from a tuition hike.