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Security concerns after a jail inmate reports assault

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GRAND FORKS, (ND)--A family of a convict is calling for justice.

Following an alleged jailhouse assault that cost him his eyesight - they want to know why one of his accused attackers was then locked in a cell with him.

"They beat him so badly his eye popped out,” said Cathy Ganyo Obregon.

"I'm not saying that people who break the law shouldn't have to pay but....why do we have to put up with these dangerous conditions?” said Obregon.

Cathy Obregon's brother is doing hard time at the Grand Forks County jail.

Seven months later, Ganyo still struggles to see after allegedly being attacked by the three inmates.

"It makes me angry it makes me afraid for people,” said Obregon.

The Jail Administrator said despite the severity of the attack, Ganyo didn't want to press charges.

Ganyo told us the situation was "Too complicated".

Just a few weeks ago, Ganyo shared a cell with one of his accused attackers.  

"We go through an extensive classification process in an attempt to keep people separate that we know need to be kept seperate. It isn't foolproof,” said the Grand Forks County Jail Administrator, Bret Burkholder.

The jail says in this case - it was never noted the two men should be kept separated. When Ganyo's sister called - the two prisoners were separated.  

"We have a good insight on a lot of them and we have many people with many keep separates,” said Burkholder.

But that' still not enough for Cathy Obregon. They have their family lawyer looking into it - afraid of what could happen to her brother as he tries to recuperate.

"He has to put up with it, suffer with it,” said Obregon.

The jail administrator tells us Ganyo's attacker has had 8 keep separated orders filed against him.

Daniel Ganyo has been ordered to stay away from more than double that. He's not allowed to go near 17 prisoners.