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Red Pepper "white sauce" thief's video goes viral

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--A thief makes a grand gesture at a local restaurant by posting an apology online.

A viral video from a sauce thief has nearly nine thousand views.

"I'm really surprised that somebody brought it back,” said customer, Shawn Bakken.

"You got sauce on the side of your face there you go."

On Wednesday, the video was the talk of the lunch rush at the original Red Pepper.

"You get a lot of drunks in here at the end of the night,” said Bakken.

"People go to grab stuff and walk out."

Someone posted sent a video to Barstool UND's twitter page, and it’s catching like wildfire.

"I think it's hilarious. At least they were responsible about it and brought it back,” said Bakken.

Customers say they don't blame the thief--they love the “white sauce” too.

And the recipe is top secret.

"You can't duplicate that at home. That's probably how they feel about the white sauce,” said customer, Michael Bogert.

"It's a secret recipe. We try to keep it secret. A lot of people claim they know what's in it. But most people aren't right,” said owner, Jeff Tellmann.

The owner says in the 45 years they've been open -- this isn't the first time someone's given their bottles back.

"Back in the 80s there was a regular customer that every Christmas Eve he would drop off a box full of white sauce bottles. And that was kind of an annual thing,” said Tellmann.

The owner say they don't know who the thief is.

The bottles just popped up on their stoop yesterday morning.

"Neighborly town. Right thing to do. Wrong thing to take it. Right thing to return it,” said customer, Michael Bogert.

"That's pretty classic north Dakota. And you know it was a good bit and well played,” said Tellmann.

The Red Pepper says all is forgiven.