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UND Mascot Committee moving forward to bring new mascot to UND

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--Plans are moving forward to bring a mascot to UND.

The committee say they're one step closer to designing a new mascot for UND.

It will be a hawk, and it will look similar to the logo.

The committee says they're looking for a balance that's intimidating enough for the sports teams, but won't scare children.

An artist will be hired soon to draw up some designs for students to vote on.

"So now the conversation is 'is this hawk going to be our school colors? Is it going to try to resemble a hawk? And how cartoonish is this hawk?' and things like that. So that's really the scope of where our meetings are at now,” said Erik Hanson, of the UND Mascot Committee.

The committee hopes to have a vote by the end of this semester.