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Commentary: Notice the criticism is not based on what I’m writing about Heidi Heitkamp, but that I’m writing it at all

The interesting thing about this column from my colleague Mike McFeely, which criticizes me for writing consistently about North Dakota’s Senate race (which will be, I promise you, the biggest story of the year in our state), is not once does it criticize anything I’ve written about Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

McFeely floats the idea that I may be a paid operative of the Cramer campaign, a claim as scurrilous as it is untrue. He calls me unprofessional, to which I’d argue that being hard on politicians is exactly what those of us in this profession are supposed to do. Not once does he address the substance of my work.

The problem it seems, based on McFeely’s column and the letters to the editor in the papers and the social media messages, is not what I’ve written about Heitkamp but that I’m writing about her too much. And too many people are reading it.

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