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Police Investigation Shows One West Fargo Student Providing Prescription Meds at High School

WEST FARGO - Police said Wednesday that an investigation has found that one student apparently provided several other students with prescription medications at West Fargo High School.

"We have not filed any formal charges at this point. We're still trying to figure out exactly who was doing what," Detective Sgt. Greg Warren said.

Warren said according to a school resource officer Todd Pearson, the drugs "apparently were coming from one individual student, who had a medication and was selling it for a buck or two" for each dose.

Warren said he didn't know the name of the medication involved, but "I know it has to do with medication that keeps you alert and keeps you awake."

Warren said he did not know the number of students involved. He said the school is investigating and has interviewed about a dozen students so far. He did not know how long sales of the medication have been going on at the school, but it does not appear that the medications were being brought in from someone not attending the school.

He said police will make a decision later today on whether criminal charges will be filed.

The West Fargo Pioneer reported it had received an anonymous tip that several student athletes had been suspended for buying and using prescription medication.

Principal Gary Clark told the Pioneer that the investigation involved students in more than one co-curricular activity, but he would not identify the students or name the activities.

Clark told the Pioneer that school guidelines for drug use follow North Dakota High School Activities Association rules calling for a six-week suspension from any co-curricular activity for a first violation. He said some punishments have already been levied.