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Weather Causing Slow Start for Spring Sports

This spring's cold, wet weather has caused a long timeout for spring sporting events. Many schools have had to cancel or postpone games because of the weather.

Red River High School track coach Bob Zimney says this spring's wet and cold weather has meant some high hurdles.

"As a coach, it's that you keep a positive attitude with your kids and just go to practice each day and make the best of it," Zimney said.

They have had to cancel one track meet and postpone another. But they're keeping their eye on the finish line.

"We never talk about when we go to compete in a track meet. We are just there to compete and the conditions don't matter. We're going to get after it," Zimney said.

Zimney says the track team can easily move indoors to practice. But that's a little tougher for other sports like baseball and soccer. And after all the practice, there have been few games where they can compete.

"We have lost about two and a half weeks of contests in most of our sports. Most of those will be able to be made up, but if this continues, we're going to have to start canceling instead of just postponing games," GF Public Schools athletic director Todd olson said.

Coach Zimney is hoping the weather will hold up for next Monday's rescheduled track meet. Until then, they will just work on staying warm.