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MLB: Twins lead Rockies 9-1 in 9th inning

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Denver, CO (WDAY TV) - The Twins still in action, two games left in their first half, taking on the Rockies.

Minnesota gets off to a fast start; Kendrys Morales smacks the first pitch he sees to right center for a double. 2 runs come in for a 2-0 lead.

Now up 3-0 in the third, Justin Morneau has a chance to get the Rockies going, but Brian Dozier showing why he should have been an All-Star, and making a case for a Golf Glove, Fields like a short stop and guns home to throw out Charlie Blackmon to end the inning. Fantastic play!

Now in the 4th, Corriea having maybe his best day as a Twin, pitching well, says look at me hit, he grounds a double down the left field line, Josh Willingham makes it 4-0.

Currently 9-1 Twins in the 9th.