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‘Carson will have his day’: Wentz’ grandma on watching the Super Bowl from home

Bev Schaack, maternal grandmother to Carson Wentz, stands in a room Tuesday in her Jamestown home showing some of the memorabilia she has of the Philadelphia Eagles and former North Dakota State University football star quarterback. John M. Steiner / Forum News Service

The grandmother of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz said she is content to watch Super Bowl LII on TV in the comfort of her Jamestown home.

“If Carson was playing that would be a different story,” said Bev Schaack.

In his second NFL season Wentz led the Eagles to a 10-2 record before tearing the ACL in his left knee against the Los Angeles Rams on Dec. 10. The Eagles won the game and backup quarterback Nick Foles led the Eagles in winning two of three remaining regular season games and both playoff games to reach the Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

“Carson will have his day,” Schaack said. “There will be a day when he will be a quarterback in the Super Bowl. It’s just not this year like he had hoped.”

Even with Wentz on the sidelines, Schaack said she watched the games and now knows who all the players are by their jersey numbers.

“I'm an Eagles fan through and through,” she said.

Schaack said she might have considered going to the Super Bowl had she not already visited Wentz at his New Jersey home with other family members over the holidays.

“We had some time with him and he was doctoring his knee,” she said. “He was up every morning and going in for therapy and to be with the team.”

Wentz is a team player and enjoys the mentoring role, she said. When Wentz suffered a season-ending wrist injury as quarterback at North Dakota State University, he mentored his backup quarterback then and that is what is happening now, she said.

“He hasn't changed in that respect,” Schaack said. “If you watch him during the games he is there patting his (Foles) back or his helmet or doing something like that all the time.”

At the same time, Schaack said she knows how much it hurts Wentz to be sidelined.

“I can just feel for him because he loves to play football and that was his goal to get his team into the Super Bowl and now he has to watch from the sidelines,” Schaack said.

Injuries are part of the game of football, she said. Wentz will recover and he will be back, she said.

“I have no doubt,” Schaack said.

Schaack said she is confident that Wentz will be in a Super Bowl sooner than later. She has already started saving money for the trip when that happens, she said.

Schaack said she is amazed at all the attention she has received. Complete strangers seem to get so excited to learn she is Wentz’s grandmother, she said.

“As I tell people, he's made me a celebrity in Jamestown,” Schaack said.