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UND introduces new Athletic Director

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--UND is introducing its new athletic director and he comes in with great experience as an A.D.

Bill Chaves will be coming from Eastern Washington University where he has been the athletic director since 2007.

He is a two-time recipient of the national Athletic Director of the Year honor and led the Eagles to three President's Cups in the Big Sky Conference.

So why does Chaves want to leave an institution where he has had so much success? I asked him and here was his response.

“In every profession, there's probably times, I've been there decade and you take stock sometimes and we had a pretty good run. My children are at an age that it made sense to maybe take a look and explore and I've been fortunate enough, it's almost like I did multiple recruiting visits here, having UND in the Big Sky and so I kind of knew a little bit what was going on and it just intrigued me and then ultimately there's only about 60 or 65 schools in the country out of 351 that play men's ice hockey, this is one of them and that definitely intrigued me as well,” said new UND Athletic Director, BIll Chaves.

Chaves is tentatively scheduled to start his tenure at UND on March 1, while former athletic director Brian Faison will remain on staff as a special advisor.