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Program aims to get people to vote, needs your ideas

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GRAND FORKS (WDAZ-TV)--A nationwide program is coming to Grand Forks, and they're looking for a big idea.

The program, "The Joy of Voting," is ALL ABOUT THE NOVEMBER election.

How to make it more fun and get people to come out and vote.

You're asked to submit your idea online, anything from a parade to a party, and 5 people in Grand Forks will each receive a 36-hundred dollar grant to make their idea a reality.

“You should vote, you ought to vote. It's your duty. Don't you know how important this is?' Yeah maybe that works for some people, but the idea of the Joy of Voting is 'Join the party! Join the fun,” says Ben Phillips, of Citizen Academy. 

The proposals are due July 2nd.

Submit a proposal link here.