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Graduation to cockpit: UND partners with Delta

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GRAND FORKS, ND--A new aviation program is taking off.

On Thursday, Delta Airlines launched a new program to attract more UND aviation students.

The program is called "Propel," and it's a customized path from the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Studies to a Delta Air Lines Flight Deck.

Students must apply for the program, and if accepted, they'll be mentored by a Delta Pilot, and receive a job offer to become a pilot for Delta on a faster course.

On Thursday afternoon, WDAY swung by UND's aviation department to learn more.

One pilot with the program tells us he's excited for the new opportunities for students.

"It's all on an accelerated timeline. So it allows students and graduates to have predictability in their career progression,” said Delta Air Lines First Officer, Brent Knoblauch.

"It's a huge relief on stress. It just, our career is basically set out for us,” said UND Aviation Student, Sydni Robinson.

Students have until September 5th to apply for the program. For more details head over to our website at